About Us

The Camwrap story began in 1972 when Michael Brown, of Bristol, England, who now directs the U.K. side of Camwrap operations, had the inspiration to try and persuade the American academic community to adopt a century old British tradition, namely:  the wearing of six-foot pure wool flannel university scarves. These scarves, made in Britain using time honoured methods,  are uniquely designed by their colour and striping arrangements to subtly show the support of the wearer for his or her particular university/school/college. In Britain they are generally considered to be de-rigueur purchases for new students. Known in the trade as ‘wraps’, they are largely sold through campus stores; thus Michael’s new company became: CAMWRAP. 

The most obvious outlets for this product were the ‘Ivy League’ schools, and indeed Harvard, Yale and Princeton were amongst Camwrap’s first customers.  Since then the list of prestigious schools with scarves produced by Camwrap has grown steadily. It would seem that an increasing number of discriminating students, faculty members, and alumni are yearning for more than the usual variety of mass produced insignia wear.

In 1976 Michael Brown entered into a partnership with Michael Keeble, an expatriate from Cambridge, England, and Camwrap began operating from offices and warehouse space in Bristol, England, and the USA.  Soon after the partnership began, while the name remained ‘Camwrap’, the company began distributing a wide range of British goods, which now includes toiletries, chinaware, books, British Woollens, and even Scottish Haggis!!

Camwrap’s  home base in the USA is in the port city of Mobile, Alabama, at 259, Charles Street, just across from Historic Washington Square. Visitors are welcome.