While Camwrap is not your typical warehouse book supplier (no threat to Amazon) we do in fact supply thousands of British and Celtic themed “ little books” annually to our many Gift Shop accounts nationwide, taking advantage – when the shipment is only books – of the very low book rate offered by the US postal service. Our best-selling range of little books for many years has been the J. Salmon recipe book series, a lovely impulse item and now with over seventy titles…..enough to please every taste!! A list of J.Salmon recipe books can be found at Camwrap also offers the very broad range of Scottish, Irish, Welsh, English, and Celtic interest little books from Appletree press; a title listing can be found at . Other popular little books available from Camwrap are Corbie Scottish interest books for children, and a small but useful range of Celtic recipe books from Wales by Domino, the company that also publishes out two best-selling books: American/English dictionary, and Cockney Rhyming Slang.

Camwrap’s Greetings card selection has remained fairly unchanged for many years, but still does not contain the ‘usual suspects’ found in card shops everywhere. Our cards are very British. Some are sheep related, some are all about nostalgia for a long forgotten Britain, some are Antique (in every sense) and some very Celtic…..but all are bound to please those of you with an interest in things Celtic or British.

Full-Colour Recipe Books–Teatime & Regional Recipe Series with nostalgic scenes.
Over 80 titles, including seven Teatime titles.
Linen texture softcover; 48-pages plus 12 sepia & line drawings.

Little Book Series: Numerous Titles with English, Irish, Scottish & Welsh themes.
Large Format Series: Book of the Bagpipe, Celtic Alphabet, Celtic Verse, Famous Irish Lives, Famous Irish Writers, Irish Dance, & Tracing Your Irish Roots.


Book22 Book21 CORBIE BOOKS for Children (Scotland)
Concise Scottish-Interest Hardback Books





Titles include: Lovespoons from Wales, The Welsh Pantry, Country Cooking Wales,
Scottish Cooking, Scottish Teas, Celtic Recipes, Afternoon Teas, West Country Tea; American/English Dictionary, Cockney Rhyming Slang.