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The Stahly family has been making haggis in Scotland since 1923, but it was not until 1994, that Ken Stahly set up Glenrothes based STAHLY QUALITY FOODS, and began supplying haggis in a can to world famous stores such as Selfridges, Harrods, and Fortnum & Mason. This convenient form of haggis marketing soon became very popular, and after a few years, persistent requests from America for this Scottish staple began arriving in Ken’s Glenrothes mail box. At this time, after discussions with Camwrap, Ken decided that to avoid stringent US import regulations, he would bring the secret family recipes to America for production here with the full blessing of all the necessary government agencies. This huge undertaking was finally accomplished in 2003, and Camwrap began distribution immediately, soon reaching selected stores and restaurants nationwide. Now, and for the past several years, Scottish expat’s and all US citizens with an interest in Scottish culture and traditions (millions?) can readily obtain and share with friends and family that special treat that Scots at home have been enjoying for centuries.

Camwrap is happy to supply the names of nearby Stahly Haggis stockists to any interested enquirer— just call our toll free line: 800 353 9004. We are of course pleased to salute the many fine stores now carrying Stahly’s haggis, as well as the growing number of Scottish themed restaurants where Stahly’s haggis is a popular menu item in one form or another.

For convenience, safety, continuity of quality, and extended shelf life, Stahly’s haggis is marketed in 15 ounce tins, and can be savoured within minutes of opening. Simply heat in a non-stick pan and serve in the ‘old country’ tradition with mashed potatoes (tatties) and diced turnips (neeps). Or if you are one of the more adventurous connoisseurs of the Haggis Ilk, may we suggest that you take a look at Stahly’s own Haggis recipe book: a beautifully illustrated tribute to the versatility of haggis, and available as a free download at