Wool Fat Soap

The full Mitchell’s Wool Fat Soap story can be found on the back page of our annual Camwrap Collection, but there are some aspects of its growth in popularity in the USA that are not mentioned there.

It was in the late seventies when Camwrap began distributing Wool Fat Soap to retailers all across America. At first the bar soap hand-wrapped in the original yellow wrap was the only product available, but this was soon to change as requests for more products from Wool Fat Soap began to accumulate from users nationwide. One lady begged Camwrap to get Mitchell’s to produce a shampoo with a Wool Fat Soap formula, and this was in fact one of the first new items to be sold here. She had started washing her hair with the soap and found previous scalp problems had completely disappeared!

Graham Robinson was in control of Wool Fat Soap when Camwrap was given the role of official distributor for the USA, and has worked closely with Camwrap ever since. Together we have expanded from a one item product line to a full line of soap products, even including (knitters please note) a superlative woolly wash, that can thoroughly clean and rejuvenate your woolen and other delicate garments.
Besides the serendipitous blending of the natural ingredients in Wool Soap Products discovered by Mr. Mitchell, and further advanced by Graham Robinson, making the manufacture of Wool Fat Soap possible, Camwrap itself has played a big role in the good fortunes of Wool Fat Soap. Over the past thirty years our representatives have personally visited and sold the product and its story to suitable retailers in all parts of the country. Also, early in our relationship with Wool Fat Soap, Michael Brown at our UK office took on the task of packaging for the US market. The charming ‘Country Scene’ soap wrapper was designed by Camwrap, and has since become a familiar sight in specialty stores, fine catalogues, and some internet sites, making a pretty contrast to the original and perhaps more masculine plain yellow wrap. Then, with the formulation of a Wool Fat Shaving soap in the works, it was another innovation from Camwrap that helped guarantee its success: this was the introduction and design of the ceramic shaving dish and packaging, which came about only after much research by Michael Brown into early Victorian and Celtic design.

Camwrap would like to thank all the loyal Wool Fat Soap stockists who have helped bring this fine product to the American consumer and who continue to rely on Camwrap as the authorized distributor, to serve their needs.

Welcome to the world of Wool Fat Soap ~ you’ll never want to leave it ~

WFSHand Soap, Bath Size Soap, Guest Soap,
Liquid Hand Wash, Shampoo,
Hand & Body Lotion, Lanolin Cream,
Shaving Soap, Victorian-style Shaving Dish,
And a specially formulated Woolly Wash
to safely deep-clean your favorite sweaters
and delicate garments.


~ CAMWRAP is the official USA distributor of WFS — since 1979 ~
Ask for our laminated Wool Fat Soap story/testimonial cards as shown below
to enhance retail displays